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We endeavor to enrich the lives of students so that he/she can rightly tune in a career in accordance with their strengths.

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We work with various Schools & Institutions irrespective of their location or paying capacity of its students.

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We at The Career Galaxy, provide resume writing services and organize mock interviews

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Inborn Career Assessment

The Inborn Assessment is based on Science of Dermatoglyphics and the best thing about it is that Inborn potential of any individual doesn’t change with time.

Step-By-Step Career Guidance

We have a result oriented and dedicated team which empathizes with you and provides end to end support throughout your career journey.

Industry Expert

We make you interact with people who are actually working in business houses across various segments of industry to give you real-time exposure and avoid shocks in life.

Complimentary After Sales

We understand that it can be painful for you, if you are asked to pay every-time you seek guidance and support from us when you have already paid for it.

Unbiased Career Guidance

We don’t push you to take admission in a particular College, Course or University. We just guide you with the best options to choose from.

Career Roadmap

We narrow down your career goal and join the dots backward to ensure that you get a clear Roadmap. Career Planning is a different exercise all together.We provide Step-By-Step Roadmap for career.

Stories That May Inspire You

Read about our clients, who could settle their wandering minds and focus on their Passion and Strengths.

Our 5 Step Process

Unlock the Right Solution
1. need analysis
Unlock In-born & Acquired Intelligence
2. career assesment
Unlock Journey from Confusion to Clarification
3. counselling session
Unlock Real-World Surprises
4. industry interaction
Unlock Step-By-Step Strategy
5. career roadmap

Insights From Our Career Counselling Report

Stream Selection after Class 10th poses a big question mark for all students as it marks the beginning of 1st step towards your career. What adds to the anxiety is peer pressure, parental and society pressure and apprehensions. Be it any Stream you choose out of Science, Commerce or Arts, you will get plenty of career options. Moreover, it’s not that a particular Stream is better than others. Stream selection after 10th should be based on interests and strengths of individual and not merely based on marks, peer pressure on parent’s influence. We are witnessing ever increasing cases of dropouts and mid-age career change. This is because, given a chance, every individual would like to work in his/her comfort zone.

Remember, Stream Selection is most important because it is the first step towards your career path. If the first button of shirt is not tied correctly, all other go into wrong holes. Our career counsellors help you in taking this step correctly with help of our detailed and Scientific Career Assessment. We don’t convince you to follow a particular career path. In fact, we provide a platform wherein students discover their potential with conviction and get a valid reason to choose a particular career path and ensure that your career roadmap is in line with your passion.

It’s not about how much efforts you put in, what matters end of the day is Result! If you work in your preferred learning style, you can learn more in less time. This is one of the parameters which is revealed in the report to reduce the effort and bring out more results especially in younger students. Also, there are various parameters besides Aptitude and Personality, which need to be considered while narrowing down on the best career option.

Gone are the days when Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was most important parameter to judge the abilities of an individual. An IQ test covers just Logical and Linguistic Intelligence of an individual. In order to arrive at the right career path, we must consider Emotional Quotient (EQ), Creativity Quotient (CQ) and Adversity Quotient (AQ) as well. If an individual is not emotionally balanced, he will not be utilizing his abilities irrespective of his high IQ. Similarly, there are career options in the field of design, where high Creative Quotient is required or there may be job profiles like defense services where high adversity quotient is required. We do in-depth analysis of every individual to ascertain various inborn parameters in our assessment and ensure that you have a valid reason to choose your career goal.

The career field is so vast that forget about stream selection, even within a particular career option, you get plenty of work profiles to choose from. Moreover, today there are so many unconventional career options on the rise and people are usually not aware of those. Every day, new career options are emerging and there is an emerging scenario where Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics is eating up entry level jobs. If we stick to old school of thought, we shall not be able to survive in this ever-changing world.

This is why, role of career counselling is important. We have a team of updated experts who guide about emerging career trends and their growth prospects. We map your innate strengths and intelligence with each of these career option in our advanced assessment and arrive at the best suitable option for every individual. In this way, we propose ‘Which’ career path you should choose and ‘Why’. Our career counsellors also come up with possible challenges as per your multiple intelligence in pursuing a particular career. They take you through minute parameters of all conventional and unconventional career options and ensure that you choose a career option as per your comfort zone and inborn talent.

We bring forth a comparative analysis of every student in form of scientific career assessment. Our assessment reveals various parameters of an individual based on theory of Multiple Intelligence by Dr. Howard Gardner. We discuss complete SWOT Analysis (Strengths-Weakness-Opportunities & Threats) of every individual. The idea is to combine the parameters which exist both inside and outside an individual ie. Innate intelligence as well as macro-economic industry scenario and future prospects of every career.

This ensures that our career counsellors do not convince you to choose a particular career. In fact, you should yourself come up with a reason as Why to choose a particular career option. Moreover, we don’t propose a single career option. In fact, you get options to choose a career based on your strengths, personality, brain dominance, quotients, thought process etc. This is possible through our reliable assessment with more than 95% accuracy. And the best part is that during career counselling session, our counsellors take you through a journey where you connect with the findings in this report and switch from confusion to clarification. Further, this is not the end. We also give you an opportunity to interact with industry experts from various fields so that you are not left with even an iota of confusion.




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We at The Career Galaxy™ assist you in discovering your passion and inborn strengths and give you a direction through Career Counselling using certain tools and insights which lead you to a happy and successful professional life. We have programs for School and College students as well as graduates and youth in the different stages of their careers who are seeking career counselling or career guidance to take a leap in their career or to plan their mid-age career shift.









What Our Clients Say...

Thanks for your valuable feedback. We are really happy & blessed that we got this. Hopefully, this will help us in our future roadmap. Thanks!
Vineet Jain (CEO - Future Group)
Results of your assessment are surprisingly so accurate that I have nothing to hide from you.
Ketan Bhagat (Author & Philospher)
My children took the DMIT assessment and I must say that it is very advantageous and precise. It helped my children to know their intrinsic potential and also in Stream Selection.
Ruchi Saxena (Dabur International Ltd)
I am surprised how you guys can be so accurate in determining the strengths of individuals. A warm friendly experience with great knowledge and expertise!
Manisha Dhingra (Havells India Ltd)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the objective of The Career Galaxy?

The Career Galaxy is a platform which helps individuals to find a suitable career that aligns with their interests, personality and the tasks they enjoy doing. The career, in which the candidate is likely to be most successful in his / her life, thereby keeping him /her happy throughout the life. The scientific assessment used in Career Galaxy is based on world-wide research that clearly shows that when you work aligned with your comfort zone, you are much more likely to succeed in your career.The Career Galaxy helpsindividuals to gather courage to boldly Choose their Career by Choice and not by Default. To pit it straight – Do not settle for anything less!

How will it help me?

The Personalised Career Guidance process will help you find and follow the studies that suit you the most in order to achieve self-realisation and professional satisfaction right from the start.The Career Galaxy helps people find the perfect match between what they love to do (Passion), what they can do well (Talent) and meaningful opportunities to apply this talent/passion to their studies and career. It is an opportunity with life-long results.

What is Career Assessment?

An assessment is a scientific tool which assesses your core skills be it inborn or acquired. It can be a either brain mapping test to assess inborn intelligence or a Psychometric assessment based on series of questionnaire that one answers or responds to be it offline or online. The results are provided in form a qualitative and quantitative report that measures or gives feedback on a particular topic, be it aptitude, personality, interest, adjustment, etc. A Career Assessment gives information on stream selection and also about best suited careers and helps one take wise career decision.

Why is Career Planning and Guidance is important ?

Your career is totally your responsibility. Career planning and guidance helps one to develop a set of career goals, strategy and options based on aptitude, interests, personality, values and skills. Once you have a plan, you will be equipped to self-manage your career and take advantage of changes in the economy and job market rather than becoming a victim of change. Your career decisions will dramatically impact your lifestyle. Your occupation will determine where you live, your income, your working hours, your travel, job security, your choice of work associates and friends, and how you spend your leisure time.

What is the role of parents in Career Counselling?

Parents being the first mentors of children,lest they are mature enough to take career decisions on their own, will have to take their best foot forward in helping their wards to decide their career. Also, certain determining decisions cannot be taken by applicants of younger age alone and hence parents have a major role to play. In Indian academic scenario, parents feel they have a big role in determining the lives of their children. This goes to the extent that sometimes they impose their decisions onto their wards. Till the scenario changes and children become smart enough to be able to determine and take career decision on their own, parents will remain inevitable part of career decision process. It is advisable that children come for the guidance session along with both or at least one of the parents.

As the child’s parent/guardian, am I allowed to attend the career counselling session?

We understand your concern and we invite parents to participate and be integral part of the career counselling session. However, kindly acknowledge the fact that for us, focus of this process is your child, who should take his/her own decisions and speak their mind throughout, as this is one of the most important decision they have to take in their lives. Participating in the first session (or a specific clarification session in case you feel you need it) will let you witness the process for yourself and verify the professional and amiable qualities of the certified coach who will guide your child through the entire Personalised Career Guidance process.

With all the career assessments out there, why should I choose The Career Galaxy assessment?

Although there are many assessments which are being offered by various career counsellors, very few of them work on a comprehensive perspective. Fewer still cover all four aspects of career selection (Personality, Interests, Skills, and Study Habits). Most only cover one or two of these areas. More than one test is usually necessary to cover all of the components of a complete personal profile?The Career Galaxy was developed based on comprehensive principles and designed to provide a full profile in one assessment report. Today,The Career Galaxy,is one of the very few companies which offers brain mapping test which is based on unbiased career assessment and tests the inborn intelligence, aptitude and personality of an individual.

I don’t want to start a new degree but I’m still lost in my career choice. Is this for me?

Yes! The Career Galaxy’s personalised Career Guidance is useful for those who want to change career but not necessarily start new studies. The process is personalised, meaning that it would contain more elements from the Personalised Career Coaching programme if these were relevant to your circumstances, but you don’t need to worry about the name of the process – you just need to know that we will customise it to fit your needs.

My child is in class IX. How do the Career Counselling sessions help?

Your child has entered a class where he/she must begin to think what career opportunities to plan for. Infact, at 14 years the child, assisted by you, have ample time to explore and research various career options. And, that is where you need a trusted guide and system to help you identify what career options your child enjoys and is suitable for. Career counselling sessions will help you discover your child’s suitable options and talent. You will be clear on the stream that your child needs to select after passing the secondary Board examinations.

My child is in class X and has to choose a stream for XI. How do the Career Counselling sessions help?

While you are in Class X, stream selection after passing the secondary Board examinations is an important decision. Remember, this is the time to tie the first button of shirt, which must be correct for further moves to be correct. Since you are just on time,you should not further delay in discovering your child’s suitable career options. Career counsellingsessions helps you for stream selection, including the fourth subject that your child can opt for. We have witnessed that Career counselling sessions have also helped in deciding to move into a new school that offers the required stream.On primary analysis of students, who have undergone Career counselling sessions, we observe that students who have proactively selected stream, tend to perform better in their Board examinations.

My child is in class XI and has already chosen the stream. How does the Career counselling session help?

When your child is in class XI, you still have an opportunity to support your child in learning about suitable career options that (s)he can enjoy. Your child may have already opted for a stream, viz., Science, Commerce or Humanities,career counselling sessions can help you discover quite a few suitable career options and career path, with due consideration of the opted stream. Moreover, you can obtain clarity in terms of the course to pursue, colleges to shortlist, entrance tests to crack and other important information.You can offer appropriate coaching support for your child to prepare for the senior secondary Boards as well as competitive entrance examinations, such that the probability of achieving eligibility for the selected course and college becomes high.

My child is in Class XII. How does the Career counselling session help?

Better late than never! Now your child is on the verge of getting into an important juncture of career decision. You might be urging your child to excel in the Boards as well as appear for a myriad of competitive entrance examination. Career counselling sessions can help you shortlist a few suitable career options and career path, keeping the stream selection into consideration. Moreover, you can obtain clarity in terms of the course to pursue, colleges to shortlist, entrance tests to crack and other important information. This will allow your child to focus on the required test preparation, instead of spraying efforts on multiple fronts. This enhances probability of balanced performance in both the senior secondary Boards examinations as well as competitive examinations making him/her more eligible for his/her suitable career options. Thus, Career counselling sessions can help him/her to not only pursue suitable career with enjoyment, but also save a precious year by being eligible for the course in the first instance.

My child is pursuing Under-graduation, does the Career counselling help?

A large number of students pursuing graduation in the field of Science, Commerce, Arts, Engineering, Medicine, Law etc. need support on a suitable career. It’s never too late! They want to know if the course enrolled makes them eligible for the suitable career. Some do not mind a mid-course correction to get on to the right track. Students also need to learn about their behavioural strengths to present and articulate during an interview. Guidance through a career development plan also helps long-term. Suitable career options can turn a student into a successful professional and a happy human being. Career counselling offers all of these services.

Who are the Counsellors and how experienced are they?

We have a team of certified coaches, all of them with expertise not only in counselling but also have a great corporate exposure in various sectors across the industry.

Is telephonic/video call career counselling available at The Career Galaxy?


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